February 03, 2007

Two Shows Down, One to Go!

Our shows to date have had truly great responses, and the turnout both times was wonderful. Our first show in January had hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of people, and the gallery filled quickly to maximum occupancy.

The guests seemed to be really impressed with our work, and I heard from one couple, Dr. and Mrs. Teel, that "the caliber of work was exemplary" and way above their expectations. That was wonderful to hear, and seemed to be the general consensus. I'm happy about that, not only for myself, but also for all the others in our group. We all worked very hard on our series, and to know that others appreciated the quality and enjoyed their time at the gallery truly made it worthwhile.

The first reception (First Impressions exhibit) was a madhouse, In a very good way, with wall-to-wall friends, family and locals. The second reception (First Fridays) had fewer people, but it was still a very good turnout, and the artists were able to spend more quality time with the guests, and host the various art series present.

I was able to meet and mingle with some of the friends and families of the artists. Even though you know some people already, once you meet their friends and family it gives you more insight into their lives, and brings you closer to them.

The variety of subject matter was really interesting. Something for everybody, from very proper florals, to tattoo art.

Toward the end of the evening at our First Impressions reception, we had a silent auction for a portfolio box containing one original signed print from each artist, including our leader, Tom Lamb. It was a great evening for everyone.

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