June 23, 2008

Hungry Baby

Prepare for an "Awe..." moment!

June 22, 2008

Saturday in the Park, Hot! Hot! Hot!

Art in the Park in Corona Del Mar / Newport Beach has come and gone, and it was a very successful day! The people in Newport Beach are very friendly and are great art lovers. I sold quite a few pieces, and I have a special thank you to my lovely customer, Sandy, for buying my large canvas of the Tower Window. Thank you, Sandy, for loving my picture as much as I do, and for giving it a great home. It was a pleasure meeting you :-)

She absolutely fell in love with it and knew it would fit in perfectly in her home, and she's promised to send me pics when it's hung.

All in all, except for the 1,000 (!!) degree heat, it was a perfect day!


June 19, 2008

Countdown: Two Days Until Art in the Park - Newport Beach!

I'll be here on Saturday.


Saturday - June 21st
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Grant Howald Park
(Iris Avenue @ 5th Avenue)
Corona del Mar - Newport Beach
Near the Oasis Senior Center


Hope to see you there!


June 17, 2008

And We Have a Winner!!

Cinnamon, of Cinnamon Jewelry, was visitor number 10,000!


I have invited her to visit my website and/or my Etsy shop and pick out any print she likes and I will ship it to her for free!

Congrats to us both!

I really had fun with this, so I think I'll be doing it more often.

Please check back for spontaneous giveaways!

Happy Gifting!


9,999 !!!

I just checked my stats for my blog, and I am at 9,999 visitors!

So, whoever checks my blog next will be number 10,000!

Unfortunately, I do not know "who" checks my blog, only that "someone" does.

So, whoever checks my blog next, please leave a comment and maybe you'll end up with a little "surprise" for being my 10,000 visitor :-D

June 14, 2008

New Picture - The inn was large and welcoming

"It was cold and I'd lost my way. But then in the middle of the forest was hope! I came upon an inn, which was large and welcoming."

For a larger view please visit my website


June 13, 2008


I had two of my pictures make it into the 2008 Orange County Fair!


San Diego Skyline at Night

They'll be on exhibit while the fair's on.

June 07, 2008

New Picture - The Racers

Fantasy racers on a dreamy magical carousel

You can see this image on my website HERE

Hope you like it!


June 02, 2008

Art Fair Season is Officially Started!

The weather's a bit more stable, the sun is shining and tourists are coming to visit.

Yesterday was my first art fair since Christmas.

I was in Downtown San Clemente on Del Mar Street at the Village Art Fair, and I had an absolutely splendid day! I was in my new "permanent" location, (111 Del Mar, in front of Billy's Deli) - which I am thrilled to have (Thank you, Colby!) -- and while I'll miss my old neighbor, my new neighbors are a mother/daughter team of crafters, who are super friendly and fun.

I sold a ton of artwork, which was a great way to begin for the year. A special thanks to the kind lady from Moorpark who bought an armload of my pictures for her office!

All in all, the day was fantastic, and so far the year has been, too!

Next stop:

June 14, 2008 - Long Beach Art Walk!

Okay, how lucky am I?!?! Well, let me tell you:

This will be my first time at Long Beach Art Walk, and I just happened to unknowingly time it with the once-a-year Tour Des Artistes! It is a very big live arts and music festival in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach.

I absolutely cannot wait to get there!