June 17, 2008

9,999 !!!

I just checked my stats for my blog, and I am at 9,999 visitors!

So, whoever checks my blog next will be number 10,000!

Unfortunately, I do not know "who" checks my blog, only that "someone" does.

So, whoever checks my blog next, please leave a comment and maybe you'll end up with a little "surprise" for being my 10,000 visitor :-D


Cinnamon said...

Hi Barbara! It's 9:50 a.m. - Could I be #10,000? I didn't see the counter. I love your website -beautiful, polished, informative. I love the blog idea. Gives me something to shoot for with my own!


Barbara said...

Oh, my gosh, Cinnamon! You ARE visitor 10,000! I've had three more since you, but I checked the times (good idea) and it's you!! (My stat counter is on the right side of my blog, down towards the bottom)

So, go to my website or etsy shop and pick out any print you like and I'll ship it to you for free! Just send me an email of your photo choice.




Congrats to us both!

Doodles said...

and here I thought it was me...........derned WiFi.

Barbara said...

Hey, Doodles!

No sad faces!

How about a couple notecards???

Pick out any two prints (or two of the same) and I'll make them into notecards for you and ship them to you for free!

Just email me which image(s) you'd like!

See?! No losers here!


Susanne49 said...

And I'm # 10'002 tata tata tata...!

Barbara said...

Ah, yes, you are!

How about a couple free notecards for you, as well, Ms. Susanne?

Just send me an email of two images you'd like made into notecards, and where to mail them, and they're yours!


Doodles said...

you are just to sweet....from one photo taker to another ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, Great Blog. I shall be back again to view and appreciate your future work. Thanks