May 29, 2008

Recent Sale - Beach Couple Paperweight

Thank you to the nice lady in La Jolla who recently purchased this paperweight from me! I hope it brings you happy beach thoughts on a daily basis :-)

New Picture - Eat, Coffee Shop

I took some really cool shots on my last road trip. Unfortunately, I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to work on much lately. Here's one that I finished. I'm loving the vintage look these days. Hope you do, too!

May 10, 2008

Celebrating My Mom!

Good morning, and happy day before Mother's Day to you and your moms! In a few minutes I'll be jumping in the shower, loading up my car with the plants I bought yesterday, and I'm off on a road trip to spend Mother's Day with my mom.

This year for her gift I'm planting a new garden in her little backyard. She's been a little under-the-weather this year, so I think she needs a little something to keep her busy and give her some peace. What better to do that than a garden?

Here's the plan; Two large night blooming jasmine plants against her back fence, for privacy and to perfume the evening breeze that comes into her bedroom window. Star jasmine for fragrant days. A rainbow of geraniums and a heliotrope plant to give glorious color.

It's a small little backyard, so this will be plenty for her to take care of and will give her a Mother's Day gift that will last and hopefully remind her of her daughter who loves her when I'm not there to tell her.

Mother's Day Glitter Graphics

May 07, 2008

New Pictures - "Liliana" "Landscape of My Dreams" "My Memories of the Sea"

I have three new pictures in my Etsy shop and on my website. Hope you like them!