May 10, 2008

Celebrating My Mom!

Good morning, and happy day before Mother's Day to you and your moms! In a few minutes I'll be jumping in the shower, loading up my car with the plants I bought yesterday, and I'm off on a road trip to spend Mother's Day with my mom.

This year for her gift I'm planting a new garden in her little backyard. She's been a little under-the-weather this year, so I think she needs a little something to keep her busy and give her some peace. What better to do that than a garden?

Here's the plan; Two large night blooming jasmine plants against her back fence, for privacy and to perfume the evening breeze that comes into her bedroom window. Star jasmine for fragrant days. A rainbow of geraniums and a heliotrope plant to give glorious color.

It's a small little backyard, so this will be plenty for her to take care of and will give her a Mother's Day gift that will last and hopefully remind her of her daughter who loves her when I'm not there to tell her.

Mother's Day Glitter Graphics


Sid Khullar said...

Thats a great idea - I'm going to look for some inspiration on similar lines.



Barbara said...

Oh, I'm glad! BTW, the garden's planted and looks great. She loved it!

Qaswer Amin said...

I am happy to know all the activity which all of you are going to celebrate. I am sad for my MOM, she left me on 27th September forever. As a gift please pray for her, I think that is the best sort of a gift which we can give.