June 02, 2008

Art Fair Season is Officially Started!

The weather's a bit more stable, the sun is shining and tourists are coming to visit.

Yesterday was my first art fair since Christmas.

I was in Downtown San Clemente on Del Mar Street at the Village Art Fair, and I had an absolutely splendid day! I was in my new "permanent" location, (111 Del Mar, in front of Billy's Deli) - which I am thrilled to have (Thank you, Colby!) -- and while I'll miss my old neighbor, my new neighbors are a mother/daughter team of crafters, who are super friendly and fun.

I sold a ton of artwork, which was a great way to begin for the year. A special thanks to the kind lady from Moorpark who bought an armload of my pictures for her office!

All in all, the day was fantastic, and so far the year has been, too!

Next stop:

June 14, 2008 - Long Beach Art Walk!

Okay, how lucky am I?!?! Well, let me tell you:

This will be my first time at Long Beach Art Walk, and I just happened to unknowingly time it with the once-a-year Tour Des Artistes! It is a very big live arts and music festival in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach.

I absolutely cannot wait to get there!



Doodles said...

congratulations on your splendid sales!!!

Barbara said...

Thank you!! :-D

Corrina said...

Ooooo! I wish I lived closer to you bc that all sounds fabulous! Congratulations on kicking butt!