January 12, 2009

Making a Small Adjustment in Support of the U.S. Economy

I had a minor epiphany the other day.

While I work on something creative, I usually have the television in the background - not really paying attention to it, but just keeping away the deafening silence. Somehow the channel ended up on some travel item featuring Michigan. That grabbed my attention, because I have a trip planned for next autumn to go visit a really good friend of mine from waaaaayyyyy back, who just happens to live in Michigan. We're going on a photography extravaganza together - but more on that another time.


So, I while I was watching this brief bit about Michigan, and all the scenic landscapes and fun activities to do, my interest was even more piqued when they moved along to Mackinac Island. For anyone who is a fan of the movie,Somewhere in Time you will immediately recognize the beautiful Grand Hotel, which just happens to be located there. (H and I are crazy for that movie and have watched it a ridiculous number of times)

Also, there is an ordinance banning cars on the island. The WHOLE island. No cars. Anywhere. None. I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT??!!

So, after mentally jotting down on my internal "to do" list, I've decided that I'll extend my trip by a day or two to include Mackinac Island. I mean, since I'm in the neighborhood anyway...

Okay, long story, long... ( As you can tell, I'm a back-story kind of girl).


My epiphany was that since our economy is in the dumpster, I am going to focus my travel adventures within the U.S. only. It seems that either I don't go anywhere out of a 50-mile radius, or I'm as far across the globe as I can actually manage at the moment. Watching that little travel piece, however, reminded me that there are so very many places in my own country that I have yet to see.

And let's certainly not forget the benefits of traveling within the U.S.

-- I can use my cell phone without mortgaging my life to pay the tab (YAY!!!)

-- I can use my laptop (awesome!)

-- I can use my own health insurance, should, God forbid, something go wrong.
-- I'm in my own country.

-- I can use my own currency. (Checked the exchange rates lately???)

-- Air miles go twice as far when flying in the U.S. and Canada (again, awesome!)

-- The most time spent in the uncomfy little airplane seats with bad air to breathe is 5 hours (as opposed to the last trip which was 14!) Although, business class on long flights RULES! (Oh, crap. I forgot to do that blog entry...)

-- I speak the language and know all the local customs. And if I make a faux paus, no one makes any rude "American" remarks (gotta love that)

So, all my travel dollars are staying in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. The tourism industry is hurting as much as any other industry in the world, so why not help out our own "family" first?

Be American, Buy American.


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