July 14, 2009


Hollywood - home of the stars and where dreams come true. Okay, so the film crews have abandoned her lately for cheaper locales, but it doesn't matter. Hollywood will forever spark excitement at the mere mention of her name.

Sunday we decided to go on a mini-adventure to Hollywood. I wanted to get a good picture of "the" sign - you know which one - and then I wanted to go to the Walk of Fame.

My navigator (H) found an awesome vantage point for the sign. (Thanks, H) I swear you could throw a rock to it - okay, I couldn't (I'm a spaz when it comes to throwing), but any normal person could.

For those who have never experienced the twisty, windy, very narrow, I'm-sure-the-next-curve-will-be-fatal turns of the Hollywood Hills, trust me - it is not for the faint of heart, or puss drivers (which I will not admit to being, but...). We made it, though, and it was so worth it. Here's my shot, folks.


After getting my shot, and checking out the tourists (that was worth the trip in itself), and gawking into the limousines that I was SURE contained movie stars (not), we ventured back over the same road, stopping ever-so-briefly to trespass (the absence of "keep out" signs spells "w-e-l-c-o-m-e" to me)- then down into Hollywood to check out the Walk of Fame.

Not disappointing.

Saw a crowd in the distance, and I figured out (after H told me) that it was Michael Jackson's star. Great location, by the way! Go Michael!

The fans have not forgotten him and are still coming in droves to pay their respects to their fallen idol.


We did a little more strolling around, gathering stars and looking at the amazing architecture that only an historic L.A. has to offer.

(Need I say more?)

Then as the sun blazed down on us unmercifully, we called it a day.


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