February 09, 2010

Murder on the High C's

If you have ANY time at all in the next couple weeks I would highly recommend you go to the ROSE CENTER THEATER in Westminster and catch the show, "Murder on the High C's." It is a great 1930's style whodunnit set on an oceanliner. Clues are given throughout this musical comedy as you're all invited to try to figure out who is killing off the passengers one (or two, or three) at a time.

I was lucky to be the show photographer and also did the actors' headshots and production photos. What a great crew to work with! I found them all to be the nicest, most talented group of people this side of the Pecos.

(Did I REALLY just say Pecos??)

Here are a few shots from the press package and article in the Orange County Register today.

[Photo credits: Barbara Gordon] <- I LOVE THAT!!

The show is an original written by Scott Ratner and Tim Nelson. The omni-talented Mr. Nelson also directed and wrote the musical score.

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