September 16, 2010

One Banana, Two Banana...

Yesterday I noticed that some of the bananas on my tree were starting to turn from green to yellow, signaling that it was harvest time.

It's a two-person operation, so ran to get H so he could do the actual cutting. My area of expertise is more of a ladder- steadier/stalk holder/supervisor.

With one hand on the stock, and one hand on an adjacent tree to brace myself, H proceeded to lop away.


Nothing like having a huge stalk of bananas come swinging down...right into you. Not painful, but sort of a Three Stooges / Lucille Ball kind of scene - starring me.

I schlepped my treasure into the kitchen and got all the bananas cut from the stalk, and rinsed them under some cold tap water. These little guys are yum-licious and live up to their name; vanilla ice cream bananas.

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