December 23, 2006

Feeding My Addiction...

Previously I mentioned that I was addicted to taking classes. It's true.

While having a moment of strength and determination, I hopped on the wagon and decided to take only an online class in order to free up some more time in my life. I signed up for my online class, and was somewhat shaky in my resolve, but ultimately felt comfortable with my decision and plotted course.

But then I fell off the wagon...

After not signing up for the Photoshop class I had originally selected, I heard from my teacher (and pal) , Bill Agee, who asked me what I was planning to do this coming semester (since I had not signed up for his class yet). I told him about my epiphany (learning too much, doing too little) and that I was planning on taking an online HTML class so I could spend more time shooting.

Bill disagreed with my decision, and explained that HTML is something that I can teach myself in a few hours. I suspected this, but since I'm a school addict, I thought taking a class would provide a more complete education in this subject.

He then struck a nerve in me.

He said that as a photographer it's important for me to be with other like-minded types, and that spending hours a week with 29 other people who have the same interest was a great sounding board and would only help further my skills. Also, he knew I'd miss all my friends and acquaintances once the first class ended without me. That was it. I immediately dropped the online class and signed up for the original class I intended to take.

So, now I am out of school for the fall semester, but happily looking forward to improving my Photoshop skills under Bill's pedagogy, and seeing some familiar faces, and some new faces, this coming spring. :-D

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