December 12, 2006

"Coastal Access" Photo Series

I just finished my photographic series called COASTAL ACCESS.

I've always lived near the ocean, and it has been a constant source of peace and replenishment to me. With this series, I'm hoping to raise awareness in my own small way that we must keep our beaches clean and unpolluted so everyone can enjoy them. A portion of this series will be shown in two different venues this coming January. More details to follow on that later.

The complete series can be seen on my website:,

Here is an excerpt from my artist statement...

"You can tell all you need to about a society from how it treats animals and beaches." - Frank Deford

COASTAL ACCESS is a reminder that we are free to access our beautiful shorelines, but also that we must remain vigilant to preserve their beauty. The oceans and beaches have been a source of calming, cleansing, and replenishing since the beginning of time, and it is only with our conservancy and perseverance that future generations will be able to share in this gift. We must respect and care for our beaches and oceans, and remember that we are only temporary guests.

With this series, my goal is to direct the viewer's eyes to the simple and ever-changing beauty of nature. In doing so, I try to gently remind people to have perspective on what is valuable in life; the non-tangible, such as love, friendship, compassion, and appreciation for Gods' gifts, and to realize that nothing else is permanent. Every "thing" has its season and evolutionary cycle.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales of COASTAL ACCESS items are donated to Surfrider Foundation.


Johnny said...

Thank you for contributing to the good works that the Surfrider Foundation does to protect our oceans.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! This is a really AWESOME series, Barbara!!!