July 02, 2008


Remember I told you a few postings ago that I had two pictures juried into the 2008 Orange County Fair?

Well, yesterday I was lucky enought to get a phone call from a very nice lady from the Visual Arts Department telling me I had won FIRST PLACE!


I'm not sure which of my entries won (she didn't know either), but I'll find out on Monday and you'll be the second to know, after me!

It's one of these two...




Susan Driscoll said...

Congratulations, Barbara! Great photos...I especially LOVE the bright colors and exotic mystery of that top one. (Is that an indoor pool? I've never seen anything like that!)

The same nice lady called me yesterday, because I won the Theme award for one of my paintings (which is funny, because I wasn't even trying for it at all!). I stumbled across your site when I did a quick search on "OC Fair."

Are you going to the Blue Ribbon Ceremony? I'll be sure to look for your photos when I go to the Fair! Congratulations again!

Corrina said...

That cityscape is AMAZING!! I bet that's the winner! Now I can't wait to see which one did!

Congratulations! You're SO amazing.

Barbara said...

Hi, Susan!

Congratulations! Yes, I do believe I'll go to the awards ceremony, but I'm not sure when it is. Do you know?

Anyway, I'll look for you and you can look for me!

And, btw, yes, that is an indoor swimming pool. Isn't it gorgeous?!

TTYS, and thank you for the nice comment!


Barbara said...

Hi, Corrina!

Seems like we've been out of touch for a long while!

THANK YOU for the nice comment, and for loving my pics!

You are my best-loved fan ever!



Susan Driscoll said...

Hi Barbara,

The awards ceremony (for blue ribbon winners - you!) is Tuesday, July 22nd at 8 pm. (It should be written on a flyer that came with your claim tickets.)

I took a quick glance at your site and your photography is amazing! You seem to be doing well with your career, and it's no wonder. Good luck this summer!


Barbara said...


I looked at your Happy Shapes and Las Vegas Pool. It's no wonder you won theme! Awesome work! Do you know which one won? I can guess that it's Las Vegas Pool. It's soooo "Say Cheese" :-D


Susan Driscoll said...

Yeah, I'm assuming it's "Las Vegas Pool"...unless they're going for the "irony" slant, which I doubt! I just thought "Pool" would make a nice retro-type painting; it wasn't until it was done that I thought, "Hmmm, that actually kind of fits the theme!"

I'm looking forward to seeing all the dancing cheese paintings this year! It will be interesting to see how various people interpreted the theme.

Where is that indoor pool you photographed located, do you remember? It looks like it would be Hearst Castle or someplace like that (don't they have a pool there?).

Anyway, have a great Fourth of July!

Corrina said...

Ok, which one won?? I'm dying here!

I also CANNOT get over that cityscape. I must own it. Is it available at your Etsy shop?? I've already found a home for it, in my room. I'll go see if it's for sale...