July 29, 2008

Very Scary - The Schapelle Corby Story

Sometimes we forget that each decision and action in our lives, whether by choice or chance, takes us on very specific paths in our life journey. Sometimes we don't know the outcome for decades, if ever, but sometimes the results are hard, fast and vivid.

When you see what has happened to this poor girl it will probably terrify you, like it has me. What started out as a great vacation, ends up being the nightmare to end all nightmares.

For more info check these links:


Schapelle's book - No More Tomorrows


Michele said...

I feel sorry for Schappelle. While I support her release, there is compelling evidence to suggest that her family was involved in smuggling. I believe she could have taken a bullet to spare her younger brother. I think she was a victim of her family.I pray she gets pardoned and can resume a vital and happy life as a free woman.

Corrina said...

Thank you for posting this B.! I think about her SO much and am just horrified, every day, about what happened to her.

I just wish her country would fight for her, but it doesn't seem like they care at all.