August 28, 2008

Back to School

Yep, it's that time of year again, folks. Everyone back to school.

Hub is on the last leg of his Master's - which is finishing up his thesis. The soccer moms are not quite ready to rock the roads, but we're waiting for the local elementary school grand prix to begin any day now. (Is that the sound of SUV engines revving in the distance??) And I have managed to commit the negative time I have into a little more negative time by signing up for a portrait class.

I haven't taken classes for awhile now, and I really kind of miss it. I also miss having access to the darkroom, so that was a big plus in my decision to go back to school.

Why a portrait class?

I want to learn some new lighting techniques, and I love having assignments that force me out of my comfort zone.

Off I go...

The Student

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