August 29, 2008

My Gift from the Islands

I love tropical flowers and plants, and being in Hawaii is like heaven on earth when it comes to beautiful plants. Wild orchids grow along the sides of roads, and the high-end / high-dollar plants you might be lucky enough to find in some nurseries and florists are yours for the picking there.

I can't resist stocking up on the (legally) exportable cuttings you can bring home, and have done so on every trip. I'm also lucky enough that my friends and family who travel to Hawaii usually bring a little something home for me.

My Hawaiian White Ginger plant, which was a small cutting when I received it as a gift from Hawaii, is blooming like crazy. (Yay!) Not only are the flowers delicately beautiful, but they are so highly fragranced that one small flower can perfume a small backyard.

This morning I couldn't resist picking a couple to bring inside. I don't know how these blossoms will do once picked, but I will within the next day or so.

Here is a photograph of my morning bounty of Hawaiian White Ginger...


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