December 04, 2007

First Week of Christmas Art Shows - Success!!

I am insane. I signed up to do eight Christmas art / craft fairs all in the first three weeks of December. I know I should be regretting it, but I am having a BLAST!

I was off to a bit of a weak start, considering that my first show was last Friday, and was scheduled for the Dana Point Harbor. This was the same Friday that drought-stricken California received its first real pounding, all-day-lasting rainstorm since early October.

Day 1: Rained out.

I did take advantage of having to stay home, though, and got some more prints framed, so all was not lost.

The next day was a sure thing, because no matter what the weather, the NBAF art / craft show was being held in Newport Beach - indoors! Yay! So, I got all set up and met my vendor / neighbor, Diane. We had a great day yucking it up, and I was really happy to meet her.

I rocked that show! I sold way more than I had hoped to, and that put me on the moon. It was my first time accepting credit cards, and that made a huge difference.

The next day I was in San Clemente, and did well again. Met lots of nice people, played my Christmas carols, and generally sat around and had my own personal Christmas party :-D

It was so fun, even though it was a bit nippy outside with the nice ocean breeze and all (okay, it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!) The day went by really fast, and I was happy with my sales for the day.

Three down, five to go! Wish me luck!


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