March 01, 2008

Anaheim Ducks Spank Some Calgary Hiney!

I love hockey. It's really the only game I can sit still through - if you call watching the game through a camera lens sitting still. Can't help that part. I'm addicted.

Anyway. We went to a hockey game last night at Honda Center. It was the Anaheim Ducks vs. Calgary Flames.

Ducks spanked the Flames, folks! Hard! (3-1 Ducks!)

We had AWESOME seats!! We were about 10 rows back, up close and personal to the Plexiglas, just caddy-corner to the goal, so we had a clean view of the action, and I got some great shots. Here are a few.

Oh, and let's not forget another thing about hockey games - the fighting!


Rick C said...

Really nice photos of the Hockey game. Hockey offers plenty of opportunities for action shots. What brand of camera did you use for these? My wife and I want totake action shots of our kids in their softball/baseball games.

Barbara said...

Hi, Rick!


I used my little camera for these shots - a Canon S710 IS. It's a great little camera and has a video mode, and an image stabilizer. Here's more about it.

Barbara said...

OOPS! I mean A710 IS.