March 28, 2008


Sorry for being missing in action lately. It's been busy, busy, busy, but I do need to get caught up on my comings and goings, AND post new pictures!

Here's what I've been up to...

* I've been working on a few commissioned pieces lately, which I'll photograph and upload once they're ready for delivery.

* Also, I spent a little time in L.A. a week ago, and got some pretty cool grab shots (grab shots = pretty much just taken in extreme haste, anywhere I could "grab" them). I'll be going back to L.A. over the coming few weeks and I'm hoping to get some amazing shots. Not that hard in L.A. where there's so much to see and photograph.

* I had my Blossom Trail photos posted on the Fresno County Tourism website!

* Our art show was a great success and the owner invited us back! We'll be setting up our outside exhibit again tomorrow at the Franciscan Plaza DURING the Swallows Day Parade.

* I've been printing, matting and framing like a crazed banshee lately.

* I won First Place in another art show!!! (Man, that's a great feeling)

* I'm getting artwork ready for an exhibit and two art shows that are fast approaching.

* I learned how to make Polaroid transfers last week, and they came out great! Very artsy. I also need to photograph those and upload.

* I'm going on a field trip with my friend, Ellen's, photography class. It's so cool to see the students exploring and setting up their shots.

So, as you see, I have not been sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping a Pina Colada (wow, that sounds great!), but have been busy and productive.

I will get caught up eventually and share the visuals with you all.

Gotta run :-D

Ta for now!



Thibodeaux said...

How did you like LA? I haven't been there in years. It's just too dang big and it drives me nuts. I can see how it would be good for grabbing shots though.


ujungsenja said...

having good time and journey in LA? keep up grabbing hahaha

Susanne49 said...

Looking forward to see your new pictures, sounds very exciting, Barbara!

Congratulations to your first place price!:-)