March 01, 2008

People in Glass Houses...

In my last idle ramblings post I mentioned one item - Lazy Readers. I have heard from lots of people who have confessed they fall into this group. Okay. No biggie. We all do it at times - right? But me, not so much as you (yeah, right).

The inspiration for that post was my having to re-write email instructions to a person multiple times. Each time they would ask me some detail that was already in my previous email. Argh!

Hence, my tattle-tailing on "lazy readers."

Since I wrote that I have, for some reason, become a chronic lazy email reader. I have skimmed my way through some emails that had meeting info, etc. Oh, I read with the eyes of a hawk when it comes to work stuff, which is good, but the non-work stuff has gotten mere cursory glances lately. No big deal, unless you're supposed to meet people at places, at particular times.


This was today. I was only an hour off, and missed meeting up with someone I know. Bad enough, but I was supposed to pick up some show publicity cards for our upcoming exhibit. Sheesh.

She lives on the other end of town, and now I've not only inconvenienced her, but myself. Because of lazy reading.

Okay, I get it! (Me talking to Karma)

Thought I'd share my imperfections with you all today. I can take it as well as dish it out...



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