October 14, 2009

Michigan - Day One

After my little Chicago misstep with missing my flight, I kept a close eye on the gate situation for my new flight. A very close eye.

They were unable to ditch me a second time, in spite of all their efforts and the THREE gate changes before my flight actually left.

"Fool me once" and all that...

I arrived safe and sound, and my friends were waiting for me.

My suitcase was not.

After going to the very funny and personable agent for help, (there was only one in the entire airport) she located my bag in a back area. Yay!!

Because of my delay in Chicago we drove home in the dark, so I wasn't able to see much og the area, but come morning - well, here's the view from my bedroom window.

After breakfast V and I hit the road.

Critter Watch today included wild turkeys, black squirrels, a racoon, deer and a black bear (99% sure on that). Oh, and a porcupine (DOA) but still saw it.

Not sure what's on V's agenda for tomorrow, but I know it'll be gorgeous.

For now, a hot cup of tea in front of a beautiful fire ends a great day.


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hpg said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Lots of great ones! WOW