October 15, 2009

Michigan - Day Two

Today was a great day. No, it was another great day.

I'm getting used to the time difference and was up, cleaned up and ready to visit with my friends...all before dawn.

After we ate breakfast it was off on today's explorations. First up was two-tracking.

For those of you who don't know what two-tracking is, it's sort of like off roading. There are lots and lots of unpaved back roads here that are narrow and are designated by the two grooves, or tracks, made by vehicles. Driving on the dirt back roads is called two-tracking.

Ever watchful to avoid snakes, bears, porcupines, and wolves, we stopped a few times and hiked into the forest to see what we could find. It was so quiet and still, except for the trees that whispered to us. We found beautiful trees, lichen, mushrooms and cornfields.

After two-tracking we went to a preserve area and went deep into the forest. There was a pathway we followed in, which eventually turned into a narrow raised boardwalk through the trees. We heard, but didn't see, a pheasant taking flight, and saw small creek bridges, and more beautiful heavily wooded forests.

And it was C-O-L-D. Brrr!

Nothing cures a chill like hot soup, so we went to a nearby cafe and had a bowl of hot soup and split a sandwich.

Our last outing for the day was a trip to nearby resort & spa for some swimming, followed by a jacuzzi.

We wrapped up the day with a good dinner and desert in front of the fire.

Yes, another good day.


A forest friend

Salmon fishing

Deer in the woods

Tomorrow will be another full day, so for now g'nite.


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