November 03, 2007

Pacific Sunsets Series Finished!

Okay, "finished" is a relative term, because I always want to add on additional pictures as I make them. But my series, Pacific Sunsets, is finished enough that I made my series book (being printed now - yay!) and I've made note cards and I can now get to work on the other projects using this series.

I'm really happy with this series, because I LOVE SUNSETS, and it was an absolute joy to put it together. My book rocks my world, too, and I can't wait to get it.

Here are a few images from the series, and you can find more on my website in the "Places" gallery. I haven't completely loaded all the pictures yet, but most of them are there.


Davidlind said...

Nice photos. I enjoy this time of day so much.

Barbara said...

Thank you, David - I do, too!!

Garry S said...


I'm not a professional photographer, but I do have a decent handy digital Sony camera. What do you think of the sunset photo I took from Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, San Diego?

Feel free to use on your website if you like!