November 10, 2007

PostSecret Response

I'm SO glad people are enjoying the PostSecret books. And, no, I don't do Pay-For-Post, or whatever it's called, so this is all me, baby! I just fell in love with the whole PostSecret project, and really believe that besides being deliciously entertaining, it really does help people get rid of their "junk."

I've had a ton of emails asking for the address to PostSecret, and others just commenting on PostSecret and my blog about it. This is great! It makes me happy, because it's like having a really cool story or funny joke - it's oh, so good when you can share it with someone else and relive it all over again when others react to it.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the PostSecret books yet, you're really missing out.

And if you have...DON'T YOU LOVE IT???!!!

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