January 17, 2008

Beautiful San Clemente

I have become quite attached to San Clemente lately. The people are so relaxed and friendly that it now feels like my second home.

Recently I met a very nice couple who had some particular photos in mind for their home. They contacted me and commissioned some work, which I have "finished." I say "finished" because I'm never really finished with any of my photo projects and love to add more and more to my favorite collections.

Today I went and photographed the area again to give them more choices. They viewed their private gallery and used wonderful words such as "awesome," "evocative," and "excited." Could I ask for a better response? No, I couldn't, and I am equally "excited" about the now expanded project.

I love when people love my pictures. I'm sure anyone who has "created" feels the same about putting their work out there and getting a positive response.

Anyway, after I finished my shoot I drove to Downtown San Clemente because I realized I had no pictures of the wonderful clock tower on Del Mar.

Here's what I got.

And I love the flags that hang all the way down Del Mar. It gives a happy hometown feel to the area.

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job said...

you are so lucky to have such a nice place and friendly people around. have a nice day~