January 26, 2008

(Final) Rest Stop

I love cemeteries.

I know that sounds creepy to some (most) of you, but to me there is nothing dastardly, spooky or morbid about cemeteries. They're quiet, beautifully taken care of, and usually have some great sculptures and artwork.

When I do go to a cemetery, which is not often, I feel so peaceful and tranquil. I'll usually take my time photographing some art and/or landscaping. Then I'll take a few minutes to look at some of the headstones to try and get a tiny glimpse into the lives of those who came before me, and left before me.

Mother, father, daughter, "Momo", Sergeant in WWI, etc.

I just think it's important to acknowledge that these people were here, say a little prayer for them, and be thankful that there are days on earth ahead for us.

I guess it just makes me appreciate that I am alive.

Today I was up in L.A. and had a few hours to kill. I happened to notice this cemetery nearby, so I went in. It was absolutely beautiful. Here are a few images.


Anonymous said...

Some very inspirational shots there, particularly the Madonna and Christ against the sky is exceptional.

Hye said...

I like your shots... they were beautiful and you captured them at their best :D


Barbara said...

Thank you! Beautiful art, is beautiful art, wherever you may find it.