January 11, 2008

"Father and Sons" - Two of My Favorite Pictures

I took these pictures awhile back, but they are still two of my very favorites. I love the interaction between the father and his two sons. The boys look so thrilled to be out with their dad, and rush to proudly show him their newly found treasure.

I did feel like a bit of a stalker when I took these, but I just happened upon them and was completely mesmerized by the scene. So, of course, I had to photograph them.

People respond well to these pictures and I usually sell them framed together. I think framing them side by side gives more of a storytelling feel.


Gale Rainwater said...

I love these two shots Barbara, the silhouette of the pier, lighting is very moody. Thanks for subscribing to my blog, Gale

Barbara said...

Thank you for the kind words!