January 07, 2008

Personal Quirk 1 - Television Fanatic

I'm not perfect.

Surprised? I thought not. Oh, I'm not super flawed, but I do have some personal quirkiness that borders on bizarre at times. Okay, maybe a lot of personal quirkiness, but I prefer to be described as "unique." :-D

I've decided to do the slow reveal, so here's personal Quirk 1:

I LOVE television. A LOT.

I mean, watching TV for me is like reading a book for others. I get totally immersed in the story and my regular show casts become like friends. (Yes, I did drop a tear or two or more when Gilmore Girls ended...)

By the time I finish writing this blog entry "October Road" will be over for this week (Big Cat's facade is starting to crack - I love it), and I will begin the countdown until the next episode. I will fill the time with my other fav shows;

Medium (Supposedly true?)
Lost (soon)
Monk (He's back!)
Psych (They're back!)
Gossip Girl (Is Blair pregnant??!!)
Desperate Housewives (I knew Lynette's family was alive)
House (Wilson is my boyfriend)
Grey's Anatomy (Makes you afraid to get sick with all the lovelife drama going on)
Ghost Whisperer (Why does Melinda refuse to give the spirit messages verbatim??)
One Tree Hill (Coming back soon - four years later)
Ugly Betty (Who's Amanda's daddy?)
Dirty Sexy Money (I wish I had enough money to be totally dysfunctional)
Journeyman (Quantum Leap?)
Reaper (Dark and funny)
Cashmere Mafia (new and good!)
Tru Calling (reruns)
Dead Like Me (reruns)
Starter Wife (I hope it comes back, although "Cricket" is in Cashmere Mafia now)

I also love seeing people from other shows that are now gone pop up in new shows. Here are just a few off the top of my head -

Suki (Gilmore Girls) is in Samantha Who?
Kirk (Gilmore Girls) is in October Road
Luke (Gilmore Girls) is in Aliens in America
Jake (One Tree Hill) is in October Road
Donna (That 70's Show) is in October Road
Kelly Rutherford (Melrose Place) is in Gossip Girl
Doug Savant (Melrose Place) is in Desperate Housewives
Marcia Cross (Melrose Place) is in Desperate Housewives
Vanessa Marcil (90210) is in Las Vegas
Tom Selleck (Magnum PI) is in Las Vegas
Jennifer Esposito (Spin City)(Related) is in Samantha Who?

So, there you have it. I am way too involved with television, but in my defense I will say it's genetic. My mom was a TV fanatic (still is), and because of that I remember really old shows, and the hours of enjoyment and entertainment TV provided...then and now.

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Corrina said...

HOW do you find the time to watch that much television?? But I must agree that Melinda drives me NUTS with her insistence on paraphrasing. It's so annoying. If I were a ghost and I was relaying a message and she paraphrased me I'd say, "Excuse me... that's not what I said." But they never do. LOL...

Oh and I (heart) Chase!