February 01, 2008


I was so happy last night to see a new episode of Lost. The direction the show is in now is really refreshing (post rescue flashbacks).

A lot of people don't really care for flashbacks, but I adore them and follow them with ease. I like them because I am a "back-story" kind of girl. Anyone who knows me is rolling their eyes at this point. I have to have the story set up - no matter how minute. Sorry. I like to visualize the scene as I'm hearing the story.

Anyway, back to Lost

Did you happen to catch that they are called the Oceanic SIX? So, who left the island and who did not? And why?

Sad that Jack, who is Mr. Big Pants on the island, is such a wretch after he's saved. IF he's saved. And by that I mean, what is Lost anyway? Theories run the gamut from aliens, to hallucinations, to dreams, to...

I have my theories, but I don't spend too much time on that. I just want to enjoy the next three years and then I'll deal with the pain of losing them when it's over.


Nieruchomosci said...

Lost! Thank you so much for this update, I almost forgot about Lost, with the writers strike and all... Now I guess I'm hooked again ;)

job said...

lost is such a good drama but nowaday
myself more prefer watching heroes ~