February 17, 2008

Pearl Street Beach - Laguna Beach

I had to drop off a couple pictures at a gallery yesterday, so I decided to cruise up PCH and explore some new areas by turning into any random street I haven't been down before. After turning down one street, I continued on until I found a parking place, and ended up on Pearl Street in Laguna Beach.

Awesome beach!

There was a huge rock formation with a pass-thru in the center. The other side of the formation was gorgeous, and the ocean was rough, which made for beautiful sea spray.

I was shooting with two different kinds of film cameras yesterday, so I don't have the majority of my pictures yet, but I did take some with my trusty pocket digital camera.

As I was standing there, once again a familiar thought came to mind: I live in the most exquisitely beautiful place in the world. Here are some shots.

If you continue down to the bottom of this post there is a seven second video of the rocks and water. It's only seven seconds long because my battery was low and I wanted to make sure I could get some pictures of the beach.

Anyway, here they are:


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job said...

awesome beach..
you better check out palawan island/lake at philipina.this lake have clear water like a beach.cool