February 09, 2008

My New Sprouting Jar's Here!

Years ago I had my own sprouting jar and I used it constantly. Fresh sprouts are delicious, and when you sprout your own you know under exactly what conditions they were grown. And it's cheap!

Somehow or another I faded on sprouting and misplaced my sprouting jar. I've been looking everywhere locally for another one, and haven't found anyone in the area who carries them. I found them easily enough on the Internet, but refused to pay the almost $10.00 shipping companies were charging.

Being persistent as a badger, I finally located a really great company called Fruitful Yield who not only sold the sprouting jar (large) for about one-half to one-third the price others were charging, BUT they also shipped my whole order for $5.00!

Customer service is also great there, because (as usual) I had a last minute change (I wanted to add onto my order). They caught my order and made the add, all with a very pleasant attitude, and NO additional shipping charge.

I've got my new jar loaded up with mung beans, and my new strainer lid on a second jar that is loaded with broccoli sprouts. I can't wait to see them start sprouting. I love seeing plants sprout. It's such a miracle!

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