February 15, 2008

Random Thoughts & A Couple New Pics

Today's FRIDAY!

I adore this day. I have some plans for this afternoon, but I need to get some stuff done first, so here are some random thoughts for today - oh, and a couple of new pictures.

* I have a clear-cut winner new TV show for this year: Cashmere Mafia. This show is great! I can't even bring myself to watch Lipstick Jungle, which is the same basic show premise. CM is so good that there's no need.

* Why do a lot of people (yours truly, included) start off a moderate-to-long story with "So," (So, I was sitting... -- So, I went to...) I catch myself all the time.

* A lot of people are what I call "lazy readers." They read the beginning, a bit of the center, and some of the end. This, sometimes, causes problems because you can miss an important and message-changing detail. I try not to do this, but am guilty at times.

* I'm feeling really good on my new eating plan. I am a nap aficionado, but since I've been eating whole foods I've only taken one nap, because I haven't felt tired!

* I got my new camera yesterday! I won't tell you what it is until I have some postable shots to show in conjunction. But, suffice to say, I'm anxious to go test drive it!

* I've been uploading more pictures to my Flikr account.

* My little dog was sick last week. We suspect it was a minor ear infection, but she wouldn't eat and was listless. If you knew my dog, you would've heard bells go off when I said she wouldn't eat. She's normally a piranha. The vet couldn't figure it out, but gave her steroids and antibiotics. She finally bounced back to normal and I'm THRILLED!

* Sticks and stones can break your bones, AND words can hurt you. I was reading a blog the other day, one that I read regularly, (I'm not saying which one, because I'm sure she's a very nice girl) but she was apologizing for something she'd done, and said something to the effect of, "To my friends who know me, and to those who just lurk here," - Lurk? It was like a little stab of embarrassment. Aren't we meant to read public blogs? I mean, isn't that why they're public? Anyway, I instantly felt intrusive and stalker-esque. I commented on her blog, and noted the "lurk" word choice. She said it's just blog-o-speak and didn't mean anything negative. I looked it up, and she's mostly right. It means those who read blogs anonymously (lurking in cyberspace) - however, I make comments, so technically I am NOT a lurker. At any rate, it ruined it for me and I unsubscribed to her blog. Not because I think she's rude, which I don't, but because it made me feel weird.

So, [there it is!] choose your words more carefully - it only takes a second to hurt feelings, and forever, if ever, to repair them.

* I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. The day before V-Day I got a beautiful, but simple love letter, which was worth more than any gems (or camera lenses!) Feeling loved is priceless.

Okay, that's it for today. I hope you like the two new pics - comments welcome!




juleeln said...

Dropped in for a visit. Awesome photos you have.
I'm a lazy reader. Have a great weekend Barbara.

Barbara said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Don't worry about the lazy-reader thing - most of US are. I think it's more of a time thing, or qualifying thing. I skim first to make sure I want to spend that amount of time on something :-D

THANK YOU for the compliment on my new pics! It's nice to get feedback.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I am a lazy reader and a lurker as you say. Why? Because too many people give too much information, I like people to get to the point. So, I read the first and last paragraphs mostly. But, I sure do love your photos, especially the vintage looking one at the beach.

Corrina said...

I read every damn word you wrote. And I loved it all. :-) And while I was "lurking", I licked your blog. HAHAHA! Good post! Oh and I LOVE Cashmere Mafia!!! It's my new addiction!

Love the photos too. :-)