March 11, 2009

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Just finished watching this silly little movie and I am SO missing my Doberman. She's been gone for a few years now and although I love my little Min Pin, I would give anything to have my Dobie back.

How did I get onto the topic of my Doberman? One of the "characters" in the movie was a huge viscious black Dobie named Diablo. Anyone who has ever owned a Doberman knows that that's all bad press. They're the most intelligent, loyal and LOVING breed there is. So, unless you go out of your way to train these beautiful creatures to attack, you'll find they're actually the world's largest lap dogs.

At any rate, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a funny little movie with a happy ending. Dog lovers will like it simply because of all the cool dog tricks.

No Mas.

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