March 30, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

I've been dying to get some shots of Vegas, so we trekked out to Sin City for a day. I love that it's close enough that it's not a huge production and we can get there in just a few hours.

I have to say that while the drive is an easy one, doing it at night is not my favorite. It's PITCH BLACK going through the desert. I have a technicolor vivid imagination so I always imagine how it would blow to break down in the middle of the desert, because I'm absolutely sure (in my imagination) there are bands of roving psychos just waiting to capture us and have city-folk barbecue.

(omg, that sounds crazy and paranoid even to me! LOL!)

Here's the drive at night, looking straight ahead.

Now here's the drive at night looking out my side window.

See what I mean???!!

Driving in at night is worth it, though, because you get to see that beautiful glow in the distance when you come over the mountain and get into town.

To be continued...

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