March 13, 2009

Feeling Lucky?

This recession has everyone scared and depressed at best, and has created homelessness and poverty at worst.

If you're not feeling like you're able to donate any money, there are other ways to help. An easy, fast and cheap way is to merely clean out your closets of clothing you no longer need (especially socks and warm items), old blankets, old jeans, and if you go through your pantry or cupboards I'm sure you can find some canned or pasta items, stuffing mixes, or whatever, that you can donate. Most of the shelters would be happy to come get it if you don't have transportation to go there to drop off.

Try it - even a few items would help warm someone who lives out on the street, or help to feed them a much needed meal. Charity donations are way down, and I saw an interview with one of the shelter employees who said that they're seeing donors of the past now coming and asking for donations themselves.

We need to remember those who have been hit hard, and show our thanks by sharing what we have. Anything is better than nothing.


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