October 15, 2007

Are You Right-Brain or Left-Brain?

I took some kind of informal personality test awhile back and it really explained something for me. Why do I sometimes have a stutter when it comes to making simple decisions? Oh, the big stuff is no problem - I'm all over that, but mediocrities sometimes are a challenge.

Well, mystery solved: The said personality test scored me at an even 1/2-left brain and 1/2-right brain. Balance. Sounds good? Balanced? Well, it's really a contradiction, because apparently the two sides have a "power struggle." It seems that unbalanced people, (grin) bobbing to the left or right, always use their prominent sides of the brain for problem-solving. No power struggle. No spinning in place.

Ever wonder if you were right brain or left brain, and just what, exactly, are the traits of either side?

Find Out Here

For me, the direction of the dancer keeps changing!

Right, left, right, left, right, left...


Anonymous said...

Weird, mine went right for at least 20 revolutions, then she changed to left and stayed there. If you vasilate at a faster rate could it mean you change your mind more?

friendinME said...

well, that dancer weirded me out. :)

Like you, she changed for me.. but only if I looked away for a moment. I couldn't seem to stare at her to make her change.

So, where does that leave me?

I am right brained. no left. no right. I am decisive. no I'm not. I like it. no, I don't. I like the details of the big picture. I am reality based with fantasy. I am a safe risk taker and a practical impetuous person.

I think I need to go to bed now. or not.

Amy said...

i thought that was a total hoax. it just spinned clock-wise forever. i had to actually think about something scientific and look down in the corner and it would change. if i stared in that corner only, it wouldn't change but everytime i changed my thoughts from left-side thoughts to right-sided thoughts and vice versa, it would change. that's a cool test!

Barbara said...

Isn't this bizarre? I liked it, too!