October 07, 2007

Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor is a really nice place to spend a Sunday. There are great places to eat and shop, or just sit around and people-watch. The cool thing about Dana Point Harbor is that there are so many different little "harbor worlds" there. Shopping and restaurants at the main center of the harbor (fine dining to casual snacks. Our fav is Jon's Fish Market - great fish & chips).

Then there's Doheny Beach. This is one of the very few beaches open for camping. There are firepits there (awesome!) and they hold the Doheny Blues Festival there in the May.

Going to the opposite end of the harbor you can visit the Ocean Institute and see the tall ships. Oh, speaking of the tall ships, you really should try to make it to the Tall Ship Festival in September every year. They sail the ships at various times (ooh, and they fire the canons!!), and the sunset sailing is really a sight to behold!

Don't like crowds? Then cut through the center of the harbor and there are really quiet little park areas with BBQ's.

So there's really something for everyone at Dana Point Harbor. Whenever people come to visit the locals, you can bet that Dana Point Harbor is on the agenda.

Best vantage points for panoramic views of the harbor:

Cannons Seafood Grill
(awesome food, awesome view - click link for photos)

View from Lantern Bay Park

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