October 03, 2007

Idle Ramblings

So, today I feel like sharing some idle ramblings with you all...

I went to breakfast with my friend, Rita, yesterday. It was great spending some time with her after barely seeing her for months. She's really a nice person.

My husband laid down a great lead track over a rhythmn recording he got from one of his guitar-player friends.

I wrote a poem! Okay, it was a dark, gloomy, tragic thing, but it was for a contest and the moodiness felt appropriate. No comments, however, so maybe it was too dark.

My friend, Gayle, won tickets to Scary Disneyland and is taking me! Yay! She's trying to swap them for Knott's Scary Farm, but -fingers crossed- I'm hoping that doesn't work out.

I'm going to start funneling more photographic attention on Orange County and Southern California beaches. My first love in photography is the beach, so I'm going to follow my heart.

I heard from my friend, Vicki, today. She's got lots of photos on Flikr, and linked to me. I gave her my blog link. I'm hoping we keep closer tabs on each other. Long term goal: Visit her. (She just moved to the East Coast, so it's definitely a "long term" goal...)

I love my dog. I mean, I LOVE my dog!

That's it for now.

Remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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