October 22, 2007

California is Burning...

(Click image to enlarge)

Our beautiful state is burning mercilessly right now. It's so sad to think of the lives, homes and wildlife that will be lost because of these fires.

The counties affected are Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego. Sadly, a very complete list of Southern California. You can see from this satellite image that they are spread out and the smoke is thick as it's being fanned by the Santa Ana winds, also known, ironically, as the Devil Winds. With all these flames, that would seem to be the more appropriate name. The skies are completely gray and we had to shut our windows because of the pungent odor.

And to make matters even worse, I just saw on the news that the huge fire burning in Irvine was set by an arsonist. They have now found three areas that were intentionally lit on fire. What kind of a reprobate do you have to be to do something so horrific? Whatever. I believe that whatever you set out into this world comes back to you, so to the loser that set the fires, I hope you receive as you gave.

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