October 05, 2007

CSUF (Cal State Fullerton) & Michelangelo

If you're interested in great art a good place to find it is at universities.
Cal State Fullerton has a really cool display of Michelango's David, only the twist is that it is "Fallen." By "fallen," they mean literally, it fell and it broke.

The pieces were donated to CSUF by Forest Lawn Memorial Park, and are now presented in such a way that you can get close up and personal. I highly recommend this, because you will certainly be amazed at the anatomical detail in this famous work of art.

Just the lines of the fingers alone are amazingly accurate. I felt they could come alive at any moment, and reach out. It really gives you a new perspective and appreciation for the talent of the great Michelangelo.

Staring this closely into David's face is haunting in a way, and he seems to have an air of sadness to him.

(That reminds me. Maybe a trip to Forest Lawn is in order...)

It's Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

Just a side note: we just discussed this statue in class, and the agreement we came to was that smashed art is still art.